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Capacity Development


Developing Sustainable Domestic Economic Growth Through Catalytic Monetary Administration.

Implement policies to elevate the national gross domestic product.

Development Support

The United Economic Development Fund offers technical support in various areas through its capacity development initiatives.

- Public Finance
- Monetary & Financial Policies
- Economic Framework & Tools
- Legal & Compliant Framework
- Industry Development Support



Developing competencies and capabilities in organizations, sectors, or countries leads to sustained and self-generating performance improvement.

Building frameworks, economic development, policies, processes, and systems within an organization to improve performance to achieve successful outcomes. Training, or building capacity in individuals, is an integral part of this process insofar as it supports the attainment of organizational objectives.


financial solutions

The United Economic Development Fund offers focused financial solutions to assist countries in developing their risk capital markets and fostering growth in their industrial sectors. Our goal is to recognize and tackle market inefficiencies, and we are dedicated to providing assistance to less developed regions worldwide.

To address the unique requirements of different regions, we engage in several programs to encourage regional business expansion. Moreover, we leverage our expertise and experience to generate market impact by locally implementing financial engineering strategies.

The Power of Work and the Potential of an Inclusive Economy.

Connect —

We build strategic partnerships, cultivate communities, advance public policy, and develop a robust evidence base to grow the field.

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