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The fund helps promote economic development and improve sustainability & opportunities for all people. The fund helps promote economic development and improve sustainability & opportunities for all people.

United Economic Development Fund's investment capital is deployed strategically to effect positive social and economic change. The organization works closely with allies and partners to identify opportunities to support the rights and opportunities of marginalized communities, often taking on significant financial risk in the process.

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Redirecting private capital to generate profound social impact.

The challenges posed by climate change, food insecurity, inequality, energy poverty, and the looming threat of pandemics demand funding on a massive scale that surpasses the capacity of philanthropy and government funding alone. The Innovative Finance team strives to overcome funding gaps and tackle these global issues by stimulating private capital at a significant scale through innovative financing solutions and forging new partnerships.


Economic Equity

Promoting economic equity to establish universal and sustainable opportunities.


Innovative Finance

We strive to create universal and sustainable opportunities by endorsing financial solutions that channel private capital for the public good.


Health & Nourishment

Provide sustenance for humanity with food and housing that is beneficial for both people and the planet, and work at the local level to bridge global health disparities.


Novel Approaches

We aim to take significant risks at the cutting edge of science, technology, and innovation to address the world's major inequalities and further advance them through monetary policies.


Our investment approach is grounded in creating transformative change that is replicable and scalable to tackle the most urgent global challenges. We achieve this by pooling generated allocation and catalytic capital with our partners to finance high-impact solutions, leveraging the Fund's unique expertise to foster innovative opportunities for private sector investment.

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The issues confronting our society are intricate and interrelated. To effect genuine change, we must evaluate which models and methods are effective, reinforce the most encouraging ones, and expand those that demonstrate success.

Our investment strategy involves direct investments in companies via debt and equity, as well as indirect investments through funds. Our portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of investments, from providing seed funding to early-stage venture programs, to supporting the growth of established businesses with proven potential, and to sustaining enterprises that require our assistance in delivering social impact. We possess considerable flexibility in the size and length of our investment commitments.

On specific occasions, we are able to offer technical assistance grants that supplement or precede our investments. Such grants may cover the costs of market research, skill-building and coaching, both prior to and subsequent to an investment, in addition to providing aid for product development and early-stage incubation initiatives that establish the groundwork for investment opportunities.

With the aim of achieving a positive impact, we are able to connect our investees with wider United Economic Development Fund strategies by fostering partnerships with private and public entities.


We seek and utilize investments as catalytic capital to empower markets to benefit societies and establish economies that prioritize the welfare of both people and the planet. We partner with public and private organizations to support their local objectives.

Our investment focus lies in enterprises that are creating innovative solutions to deliver goods and services to underrepresented communities, or that are exploring novel approaches to disrupt established models of how companies and markets engage with owners, workers, customers, and the wider society. We provide support to visionaries who are willing to take on significant risks and strive to achieve ambitious objectives.

Our objective is to create meaningful impact rather than solely pursuing financial returns on our investments. Nonetheless, while evaluating each investment opportunity, we meticulously examine the financial and operational viability of the enterprise in conjunction with its impact objectives.

We make certain that investee companies or funds adhere to our minimum standards for environmental, social, and governance practices, and evaluate the degree to which they contribute to the achievement of our long-term objectives. During the investment period, we formulate plans to address any deficiencies, promote enhancements, and cultivate optimal practices as much as feasible.

Our investment philosophy is predicated on adding value that extends beyond the provision of capital alone. We ask ourselves: What is our unique value proposition? To what degree will UEDF's investment be a catalyst in facilitating the enterprise's ability to achieve its intended impact, beyond what is presently feasible with its existing capital or funding from other investors?

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We believe that creating economies that prioritize the well-being of people and the planet is essential for achieving lasting, meaningful progress.


Creating financial products, structures and frameworks while introducing digital innovation to emerging markets.


Our investments encompass various stages of enterprises with proven potential and support sustainable enterprises that require our support to continue generating social value. We possess significant flexibility to make larger investments and to design creative financing strategies to meet the needs of our members.

We develop and operate funds with public organizations. 

We develop and execute monetary strategies with policy enhancements for sustainability. 

We support developing regional industry-based strategies to develop jobs and build equality if life. 

 We promote regional business development and use our expertise and experience to create market impact through the local implementation of financial instruments and structures. 

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Our approach involves forming strategic partnerships, fostering community, advocating for public policy, and establishing a strong foundation of evidence to facilitate the growth of the field.

Capacity Development

Developing Sustainable Domestic Economic Growth Through Catalytic Monetary Administration.

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Innovation, impact, and investments that work.

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Transforming Economies Forward & Change Through Investing.

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The driving force behind our transformation is our team. We are constantly developing fresh capabilities and broadening our investment and operational frameworks, with the aim of bolstering our investment outcomes and fortifying our organizational resilience for the times ahead.

International Exchange Trade Board is committed to helping financial systems reinforce their contribution to sustainable economic growth and healthy social development.

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Developing an intelligent, secure, and transparent monetary infrastructure of the tomorrow. 


Inter Development Infrastructure Fund partners with governments by developing a joint venture infrastructure fund strictly focus on local economic development.

Inter Development Infrastructure Fund  ❯


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United Economic Development Fund is a worldwide investor with a long-term perspective, driven by our mission, and focused on shaping the future.



A consortium comprising central bankers, financial officials, regulators, and leaders from both public and private sectors.



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