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The fund helps promote economic development and improve sustainability & opportunities for all people. The fund helps promote economic development and improve sustainability & opportunities for all people.

Our investment beliefs complement and underpin our endowments and act
as a key driver of our investment decisions.



United Economic Development Fund has a long-term investment horizon and has the ability to bear the risk and accommodate short-term volatility, hence, it is a force for stability in financial markets. We have a commercial-driven mindset that invests only in endeavors with clearly defined profitability targets.

The aim is to create self-reliant economies and reduce member countries' dependence on external resources by promoting economic diversification.

United Economic

United Economic Development Fund believes that responsibly managed companies are best placed to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and provide strong, long-term investment opportunities. Organizations that manage Environmental, Social, and Governance factors effectively are more likely to endure and create sustainable value over the long term.












At the United Economic Development Fund, we recognize our commitment to future generations and our stakeholders. Our goal is to secure a sustainable return on investment for the funds entrusted to us by the United Economic Development Fund Investment Board.

United Economic Development Fund’s objectives are threefold:

Our objective is to surpass composite benchmarks with our investment returns, using a three-year rolling average. We aim to accomplish this by creating and upholding an uncorrelated asset allocation that aligns with our mandated risk and return objectives.

We strive to become a top-tier investment management organization that is dedicated to constantly enhancing our business practices.

We are committed to promoting private sector excellence, and we work towards achieving this by fostering collaboration between the United Economic Development Fund and the private sector in developing industries and companies within investment regions.

We believe that creating economies that prioritize the well-being of people and the planet is essential for achieving lasting, meaningful progress.


Creating financial products, structures and frameworks while introducing digital innovation to emerging markets.

Investment Code of Responsibility


The purpose of responsible

Our fundamental mission is to preserve and augment financial wealth for the benefit of future generations. To this end, our focus is on achieving the highest possible return on investment while maintaining a moderate level of risk in the management of the fund.

The fund recognizes that sustainable growth, efficient markets, and effective corporate governance are essential for achieving long-term returns. To enhance the long-term economic performance of its investments and mitigate the financial risks associated with environmental and social practices of companies in its portfolio, the fund incorporates governance and sustainability considerations into its decision-making processes. The fund considers these issues while developing principles, exercising long-term ownership, and investing. By integrating these issues, the fund aims to ensure that its investments contribute positively to its performance over time.

The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support to the United Economic Development Fund in member regions, with a focus on benefiting future generations. Consequently, the fund has a prolonged investment horizon and places a significant emphasis on sustainable development for achieving long-term returns. The fund recognizes the importance of companies and funds being able to meet present needs without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own requirements. By promoting sustainable development, the companies in the fund's portfolio become more resilient, which ultimately contributes to the fund's long-term success.

The aim of the fund is to increase its presence in 92 countries, with the purpose of diversifying its risk and taking advantage of worldwide growth opportunities. The fund acknowledges the advantages of free and open markets, which promote global value generation and the effective distribution of resources. The proper functioning of these markets guarantees the efficient flow of capital from investors to companies. Consequently, the fund supports regulations that promote transparency in markets and provide accurate information about companies, ultimately resulting in more stable markets. The fund recognizes the significance of less volatile markets that foster sustainable growth as they contribute to the fund's long-term returns.


The fund's portfolio to consists of thousands of companies across various sectors, to be accumulated over several decades. Nonetheless, the fund holds only a small percentage of these companies, requiring delegation of responsibility to their respective boards. The boards are expected to establish the company's vision, supervise management, and answer to shareholders. The fund recognizes that transparent and effective corporate governance is crucial for safeguarding investors' rights and promoting market confidence. Additionally, good governance practices facilitate long-term value generation, which is essential for the fund's future success. Ultimately, the value of the fund is dependent on the performance of the companies in which it invests.


Our commitment to promoting consistency across markets and elevating industry standards is reflected in our active involvement in the development of international standards. In conjunction with our own expectations and positions, these standards serve as our guide in engaging with companies to promote effective corporate governance and foster well-functioning markets.

Our pursuit of sustainable value creation is supported by a shared set of international principles and standards from reputable organizations such as the UN and the OECD. These principles provide a framework that guides our interactions with companies and other stakeholders.

We take an active role in shaping the evolution of these standards. Through participation in consultations and ongoing engagement with regulators, standard setters, industry partners, and academics, we leverage our experience as an investor in over 70 national markets and our deep knowledge of our portfolio companies.

Our Expectations

As a fund operating within the framework of internationally agreed standards, we establish our own priorities that align with our mandate and unique characteristics. To guide our interactions with companies, we establish clear expectations, voting guidelines, and governance positions. These publicly available documents serve to communicate our priorities to the broader market and ensure transparency and predictability in our long-term ownership approach.

We view responsible business practices as contingent on effective corporate governance. We believe that shareholders must have a meaningful ability to influence critical board decisions. We expect boards to have a comprehensive understanding of the broader environmental and social impact of their companies' activities and incorporate this knowledge when developing their strategies. Furthermore, we anticipate that boards will conduct thorough risk assessments and provide transparent reporting on their outcomes.


As we strive to facilitate the long-term creation of financial value for our fund, it is imperative that we remain attuned to global trends that may impact our investments. We recognize that economic activity within one sector can impose significant indirect costs on other sectors and society at large. We understand that the relationship between governance, sustainability, and financial risks and returns is still evolving. To contribute to this ongoing process, we support and initiate research projects that can enhance our understanding.

We work closely with academic institutions to access the latest research and analyses that can inform our investment strategy, risk management, and ownership. By collaborating with experts in the field, we strive to remain at the forefront of emerging trends and developments, ultimately enabling us to make informed decisions that enhance the long-term financial value of our fund.

As a significant and enduring investor in thriving regions, the United Economic Development Fund bears a responsibility to proactively promote the sustainability of the region's economy for future generations. Furthermore, we aim to encourage others to adopt a similar approach, recognizing the importance of collective action in achieving long-term prosperity.

As a responsible investor, it understands that Environmental, Social, and Governance factors present both risks and opportunities in those sectors most directly affected by sustainability issues. United Economic Development Fund aims to focus on several Environmental, Social, and Governance issues – climate change, emissions, and governance issues such as board structure and gender diversity. Climate change is a critical issue for the Fund. It is embedded as a priority investment vertical. The Fund focuses on ensuring its whole portfolio, third-party managers, and investee companies are considering potential climate risks and opportunities as appropriate and that it is suitably captured as a part of decision-making and portfolio management in multiple ways. United Economic Development Fund believes that diversity is key in securing a sustainable recovery and ongoing business resilience, and has become more active in its approach to new and existing investments in relation to investees’ approach to gender diversity.

Active ownership or stewardship involves investors using their formal rights (e.g. the ability to vote shareholdings) and informal influence (e.g. their ability to engage) to encourage companies to improve its management systems, Environmental, Social, and Governance performance or reporting. This approach has been a key element of the United Economic Development Fund's Sustainability and Responsible Investment Strategy for several years. Entrepreneurial Operating System at United Economic Development Fund provides Active Ownership services for the Global Portfolio. The United Economic Development Fund team conducts engagement and analysis in respect of the Portfolio of investments.

There are a number of industries in which the United Economic Development Fund does not invest. United Economic Development Fund aims for exclusions to be limited in number and are in effect a “last resort” approach to responsible investment when other avenues are inappropriate or are deemed to be ineffective. The Fossil Fuel Divestment Act 2018 provides for the divestment by United Economic Development Fund from fossil fuel undertakings, building on the United Economic Development Fund’s existing investment exclusionary strategy in respect of cluster munitions and anti-personnel mines, coal production and processing, and tobacco manufacturing.

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Our approach involves forming strategic partnerships, fostering community, advocating for public policy, and establishing a strong foundation of evidence to facilitate the growth of the field.

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Developing Sustainable Domestic Economic Growth Through Catalytic Monetary Administration.

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The driving force behind our transformation is our team. We are constantly developing fresh capabilities and broadening our investment and operational frameworks, with the aim of bolstering our investment outcomes and fortifying our organizational resilience for the times ahead.

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United Economic Development Fund is a worldwide investor with a long-term perspective, driven by our mission, and focused on shaping the future.



A consortium comprising central bankers, financial officials, regulators, and leaders from both public and private sectors.



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