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Report Concerns to United Economic Development

In adherence to the supreme principles of political non-alignment, we vow to steadfastly align our actions with the constitutional and governance frameworks of the countries in which our operations thrive. Our paramount commitment is to maintain utmost impartiality, eschewing any endeavors that seek to sway the outcomes of public elections or tamper with established systems of governance. Concomitantly, we scrupulously refrain from extending support to any particular political party or individual vying for political office.

In the pursuit of our mission, it is incumbent upon us to conduct ourselves in a manner that precludes any semblance of co-dependency or favoritism towards any political entity or persona. Consequently, we unequivocally disavow any utilization of company funds, property, or resources for the purpose of making donations to specific political parties, candidates, or their campaigns.

Should our esteemed Board of Directors ever contemplate financial contributions aimed at bolstering democratic forces through the promotion of a fair electoral process, such support shall solely be channeled through the proper organization, or an analogous transparent, duly authorized, non-discriminatory, and non-discretionary vehicle in nations where we have a presence. This unwavering commitment to transparent and principled practices epitomizes our dedication to upholding the spirit of political non-alignment, ensuring that our endeavors remain unblemished by any semblance of undue influence or partisanship.

In pursuit of fostering good governance, we purposefully adopt a constructive approach when engaging with governmental bodies and regulatory authorities. Throughout our interactions, we maintain strict adherence to our esteemed Code, ensuring that our conduct aligns seamlessly with its ethical precepts.

Under no circumstances do we endeavor to obstruct, impede, or exert improper influence on the findings or outcomes of any government review or investigation. Furthermore, we vehemently uphold the sanctity and accessibility of data and documents, safeguarding their integrity to preserve the integrity of any relevant government inquiry.


Legal & Compliance


United Economic Development Fund is committed to avoiding or minimizing unintended harm that may be caused by UEDF’s work directly or indirectly to stakeholders.

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