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By adopting a multi-strategy approach, we have cultivated significant synergies that enable our teams to identify new investment prospects, more effectively evaluate risks, and harness expertise across various platforms.


We implement a comprehensive approach to investment that integrates diverse disciplines, spanning asset classes, sectors, and geographies. This enables us to offer our investors and business partners a wealth of expertise and a broad range of investment solutions.

Through close collaboration among our investment teams, we are able to identify, evaluate, and develop innovative investment opportunities. Our ventures and investments offer extensive resources and flexibility, allowing us to provide superior insights and capitalize on the most promising opportunities. Ultimately, we aim to deploy capital in a way that generates the greatest value for our stakeholders.

We are tackling big challenges and pursuing ambitious results.

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The driving force behind our transformation is our team. We are constantly developing fresh capabilities and broadening our investment and operational frameworks, with the aim of bolstering our investment outcomes and fortifying our organizational resilience for the times ahead.

International Exchange Trade Board is committed to helping financial systems reinforce their contribution to sustainable economic growth and healthy social development.

International Exchange Trade Board. ❯

Developing an intelligent, secure, and transparent monetary infrastructure of the tomorrow. 


Inter Development Infrastructure Fund partners with governments by developing a joint venture infrastructure fund strictly focus on local economic development.

Inter Development Infrastructure Fund  ❯

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