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At the United Economic Development Fund (UEDF), we are highly selective in our investment choices, seeking opportunities that align with our mission of driving positive change in global emerging markets. Here's an extensive expansion on what we look for when considering potential investments, along with additional criteria.


Creating financial products, structures and frameworks while introducing digital innovation to emerging markets.

Catalytic Change

Social Impact: We prioritize investments that have the potential to create transformative social impact. This includes projects and businesses that address pressing challenges such as poverty reduction, access to education, healthcare, gender equality, and environmental sustainability.

Scalability: We seek initiatives that can scale their impact. While we support grassroots efforts, we are particularly interested in investments with the potential to expand their reach and influence across regions or even globally.

Innovation: We value innovative approaches that disrupt traditional paradigms. Investments that introduce new technologies, business models, or solutions to age-old problems are often highly appealing.

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Business Sustainability

UEDF looks for investments that demonstrate strong financial viability. This means that the businesses or projects should have a clear path to profitability or sustainability, ensuring that they can thrive over the long term.

We assess how well potential investments mitigate and manage risks, including economic, political, environmental, and social risks. A robust risk management strategy is essential for resilience.

We prioritize investments committed to ethical and responsible business practices. This includes adherence to labor standards, environmental regulations, and corporate governance principles.

Investments that promote inclusive growth, empower marginalized communities, and support local ownership are particularly attractive. We believe that sustainable development should benefit all stakeholders.

Adding Value

UEDF looks for investments that align with our overall strategy and mission. We assess whether the investment complements our existing portfolio and contributes to our overarching goals.

We consider investments that foster partnerships and collaborations within and beyond our portfolio. Such synergies can enhance the effectiveness of our investments and drive broader impact.

We value investments that not only receive capital but also benefit from technical assistance and capacity-building support. This ensures that investees can maximize the value they derive from our engagement.

We seek investments with a long-term vision, aiming to make a sustained and enduring impact rather than focusing solely on short-term gains.

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Environmental Responsibility

Eco-Friendly Practices: Investments that prioritize environmental sustainability and demonstrate a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint are highly regarded. We seek projects that align with global efforts to combat climate change.

Resource Efficiency: We look for initiatives that optimize resource use, reduce waste, and promote circular economy principles. Such practices contribute to both environmental and economic sustainability.

Alignment with Global Goals

SDG Alignment: We consider how well potential investments align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Investments that contribute directly to achieving these global goals are given strong consideration.

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UEDF's investment philosophy revolves around seeking opportunities that not only promise financial returns but also make a meaningful difference in the world. We believe that by adhering to these criteria and continuously evaluating our investments, we can drive sustainable development and positive change in emerging markets while ensuring the long-term success of our portfolio.


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