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The fund helps promote economic development and improve sustainability & opportunities for all people. The fund helps promote economic development and improve sustainability & opportunities for all people.

Transforming economies forward involves taking steps to create sustainable growth and development. This process requires a deep understanding of the economic landscape and the challenges faced by different sectors.


Fiscal Sustainability

The objective is to sustain a stable and viable debt level while also maintaining a long-term equity balance.


Financial Stability

The objective is to build a financial system that is robust and resilient, capable of enduring shocks and crises.


Economic Growth

Generating sustained growth to create jobs, raise incomes, and reduce poverty, is essential for achieving prosperity.


Social Equity

Creating an economy that is fair and inclusive, where everyone has access to opportunities and can participate in the benefits of economic growth.

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Expand across ninety-two nations to facilitate domestic progress.
Our aim is to mitigate the issue of national unemployment.
Individuals without employment in developing economies.
Our paramount aspiration resides in the elevation and amelioration of global living standards, engendering a collective pursuit of enhanced well-being and prosperity across nations.

The challenges posed by climate change, food insecurity, inequality, energy poverty, and the looming threat of pandemics demand funding on a massive scale that surpasses the capacity of philanthropy and government funding alone. The Innovative Finance team strives to overcome funding gaps and tackle these global issues by stimulating private capital at a significant scale through innovative financing solutions and forging new partnerships.


United Economic Development Fund has a clear vision for a world in which financial capital is utilized to address societal needs. The organization seeks to work collaboratively with stakeholders and take on more significant financial risks to amplify social impact. United Economic Development Fund aims to create economies that prioritize the well-being of people and the planet and utilizes investments as catalytic capital to enable markets to serve societies instead of subjugating them.

The primary objective of United Economic Development Fund is to make financial capital more responsive to the needs of society. The organization is committed to working in partnership with various stakeholders to achieve this goal. United Economic Development Fund is also willing to take on more financial risks to increase social impact, and in doing so, it strives to share returns more equitably with labor. Through its investment activities, United Economic Development Fund endeavors to create economies that prioritize the well-being of people and the planet, empowering markets to serve societies rather than exploit them.

United Economic Development Fund deploys catalytic capital investments to enable markets to work in service of society rather than oppress it. By prioritizing the needs of people and the planet, the organization seeks to create economies that are more just and equitable. United Economic Development Fund's approach to financial investment emphasizes taking on greater financial risks to amplify social impact, and sharing returns more equitably with labor. Ultimately, United Economic Development Fund's vision is to empower markets to serve society rather than exploit it, by working collaboratively with stakeholders and investing in catalytic capital that prioritizes the well-being of people and the planet.

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The United Economic Development Fund leverages investment capital to champion the rights and opportunities of marginalized people and communities, often taking on significant financial risks in the process. The organization seeks to catalyze positive social and economic change by working collaboratively with allies and partners, drawing on the strengths and capacities of its Board to effect lasting change.

At the heart of United Economic Development Fund's mission is a commitment to championing the rights and opportunities of marginalized communities. To this end, the organization deploys investment capital in ways that are aligned with allies and partners, often in places and ways that require significant financial risk. The United Economic Development Fund's approach to catalyzing positive social and economic change is underpinned by the strengths and capacities of its Board, which works to drive meaningful progress towards a more equitable future.


The success of our organization can be attributed to our distinct governance structure, which centers around a robust and impartial Board responsible for ensuring business-like operations. Furthermore, our collaborative sponsorship framework, which fosters shared responsibility between public and private members, is equally significant.

We believe good governance is good business because it helps companies deliver long-term shareholder value. As a plan administrator, we measure ourselves against best practices for governance, internal controls, risk management and stewardship to ensure we deliver long-term value to our members.

Our belief is that implementing appropriate reforms and innovations in the global development finance system can simultaneously address climate change and poverty, resulting in a more prosperous and stable world that benefits everyone.


Creating financial products, structures and frameworks while introducing digital innovation to emerging markets.


The United Economic Development Fund is a collaboration between private sector entities and public organizations, with several stakeholders assuming distinct responsibilities. Below are some of the essential stakeholders and their respective roles:

Private sector investors provide the primary funding for the project and are primarily motivated by the potential for a return on their investment. They assess the risks and benefits of the project before committing their capital.

Public sector organizations oversee the project's regulatory compliance and may contribute to its commitments. They establish the legal framework governing the investment and ensure that it complies with relevant laws and regulations.

The responsibility of investment managers is to supervise the daily operations of the allocation. They are usually chosen from the private sector and have the task of ensuring that the allocation stays on track and meets the required returns on the invested capital.

The fund may engage service providers to offer particular services pertaining to the investment, such as legal, reporting, administration, and accounting. 

The investment can impact community stakeholders who hold a significant interest in its success, including local residents, businesses, and organizations. Engaging with these stakeholders and addressing their concerns is crucial to secure their support for the project.

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Our approach involves forming strategic partnerships, fostering community, advocating for public policy, and establishing a strong foundation of evidence to facilitate the growth of the field.

Capacity Development

Developing Sustainable Domestic Economic Growth Through Catalytic Monetary Administration.

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Innovation, impact, and investments that work.

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Transforming Economies Forward & Change Through Investing.

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The driving force behind our transformation is our team. We are constantly developing fresh capabilities and broadening our investment and operational frameworks, with the aim of bolstering our investment outcomes and fortifying our organizational resilience for the times ahead.

International Exchange Trade Board is committed to helping financial systems reinforce their contribution to sustainable economic growth and healthy social development.

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Inter Development Infrastructure Fund partners with governments by developing a joint venture infrastructure fund strictly focus on local economic development.

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United Economic Development Fund is a worldwide investor with a long-term perspective, driven by our mission, and focused on shaping the future.



A consortium comprising central bankers, financial officials, regulators, and leaders from both public and private sectors.



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