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Transforming Economies Forward

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UEDF is committed to open, fair, and transparent recruitment practices, and will consider applications from individuals with any nationality. Applicant selection will be based on, but not limited to technical competence, in-depth experience in relevant sectors, international experience, and educational background. UEDF has the discretion to appoint candidates into positions commensurate with their education and experience.

Below is a list of open positions. If you can’t find a suitable position on our list of current opportunities, we still want to hear from you. To strengthen our capacity to meet future staffing needs, we accept applications on an ongoing basis (through jobs listed under Future Opportunities) and assess candidates who can be recruited efficiently once an actual vacancy arises.

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The driving force behind the global transformation axiom is our fraction and is continuously cultivating novel proficiencies and expanding both our investment and operational paradigms, we strive to enhance our investment yields and fortify the resilience of our organization in anticipation of the challenges that lie ahead.

International Exchange Trade Board is committed to helping financial systems reinforce their contribution to sustainable economic growth and healthy social development.

International Exchange Trade Board. ❯

Developing an intelligent, secure, and transparent monetary infrastructure of the tomorrow. 


Inter Development Infrastructure Fund partners with governments by developing a joint venture infrastructure fund strictly focus on local economic development.

Inter Development Infrastructure Fund  ❯


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United Economic Development Fund is a worldwide investor with a long-term perspective, driven by our mission, and focused on shaping the future.



A consortium comprising central bankers, financial officials, regulators, and leaders from both public and private sectors.



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