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Partnering with global, market-leading
businesses within the technology,
consumer, healthcare, and services
sectors to drive growth.

Telemedicine and telehealth technology
Medical equipment and device manufacturing
Medical imaging and diagnostics
Health information technology (HIT)
Electronic health records (EHRs) and patient data management
Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
Drug discovery and development
Clinical trials and research
Healthcare staffing and recruiting
Healthcare consulting and advisory services
Healthcare real estate and facilities management
Health insurance and managed care
Healthcare analytics and big data
Disease management and prevention
Personalized medicine and genomics
Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy
Health and wellness products and services
Mental health services and technology
Rehabilitation and physical therapy
Senior care and assisted living
Home healthcare and hospice
Dental and oral health services
Vision and eye care services
Veterinary medicine and animal health
Health food and nutrition products
Medical waste management and environmental services
Health education and training
Medical tourism and international healthcare services
Healthcare finance and investment management
Public health and government healthcare initiatives

United Economic Development Fund has strategically invested in renowned and cutting-edge healthcare enterprises across the globe. The company's belief in the fast-evolving healthcare landscape has prompted them to explore lucrative investment opportunities in organizations that are proactively reducing expenses and increasing accessibility for healthcare consumers, providing unique technological solutions, and spearheading medical innovation. Through a cohesive and comprehensive approach, the healthcare division of United Economic Development Fund amalgamates both global and local perspectives, supplementing sub-sector knowledge to identify and assess a diverse range of investment opportunities in the industry.

The healthcare team of United Economic Development Fund possesses extensive proficiency in an extensive array of transaction structures, including majority and minority investments, corporate partnerships, take-privates, and private investments in public companies. The firm's in-depth knowledge, worldwide presence, and network of seasoned healthcare executives make them an invaluable partner for leading healthcare companies across various subsectors. United Economic Development Fund is currently focusing on sectors that include healthcare facilities and infrastructure, life sciences, medical devices, provider and payer services, and healthcare technology.

We create value for people and society by building a strong and sustainable world.

$11.9 Trillion Global Healthcare Market: 10% of global GDP.

Pharma and Medtech outsource services: value-added services that support innovators in appraising, researching, developing, and manufacturing new products. benefiting from a structural outsourcing trend from large innovators and a fundamental need for third-party services from small biotechs.

Pharma products: specialized pharmaceutical products with limited exposure to public sector funding pressures. a particular focus on products that are currently in the market or that have the potential to address the global marketing place.

Medtech products: innovative and IP-rich Medtech products serving the diagnostic sector or with the potential to expand their addressable market through internationalization.

Built through collaboration.

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