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Our mission is to invest in a way
that creates sustainable, long-term value
and fulfills our social responsibilities.

We are invested in long-life,
high-quality assets and
businesses around the
world that form the
backbone of the global

Our aim is to leverage our fundamental strengths to identify exceptional investment prospects, employ the most effective operational management practices, and establish positive relationships with stakeholders at all levels, resulting in favorable risk-adjusted returns for our stakeholders. Concurrently, we endeavor to provide value to the communities and businesses in which we operate.

Infrastructure equity funds have been an integral part of UEDF's operations since its inception. Our adept global team adheres to UEDF's established strategy of investing in core and core-plus infrastructure opportunities, with a primary focus on the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. Our infrastructure equity funds concentrate on:

• Energy, Transport, Digital, and Water / Waste infrastructure sectors;

• Proprietary, proactive and selective deal origination;

• Large-scale, complex transactions with limited competition;

• Ability to form strategic joint ventures with leading industrial partners;

• Control-oriented investments;

• High-quality businesses and assets with potential for outperformance through growth, operational value add and de-risking;

• Well-timed and disciplined entries and strategic exits.

Transportation infrastructure (e.g. roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, seaports)

Railways and mass transit systems (e.g. subway, light rail, commuter rail)

Water infrastructure (e.g. water treatment plants, water distribution networks, dams)

Energy infrastructure (e.g. power generation facilities, transmission and distribution networks,

renewable energy projects)

Telecommunications infrastructure (e.g. fiber optic networks, cell towers, broadband access)

Waste management infrastructure (e.g. landfills, recycling facilities)

Social infrastructure (e.g. hospitals, schools, government buildings)

Housing infrastructure (e.g. affordable housing, rental housing, senior living communities)

Sports and entertainment infrastructure (e.g. stadiums, arenas, concert halls)

Convention and exhibition centers

Parking facilities (e.g. parking garages, parking lots)

Industrial infrastructure (e.g. manufacturing facilities, logistics centers, warehouses)

Mining infrastructure (e.g. mines, processing plants, transportation infrastructure)

Agricultural infrastructure (e.g. irrigation systems, storage facilities, processing plants)

Healthcare infrastructure (e.g. hospitals, clinics, medical centers)

Research and development facilities (e.g. biotech labs, tech incubators, science parks)

Defense infrastructure (e.g. military bases, training facilities, equipment maintenance)

Public transportation infrastructure (e.g. bus stations, bus rapid transit systems, bike sharing programs)

Smart city infrastructure (e.g. sensors, data analytics, traffic management systems)

Cultural infrastructure (e.g. museums, libraries, art galleries)

Hydroelectric power plants

Gas pipelines

Oil refineries

Ports and harbors

Wind farms

Solar power plants

Geothermal power plants

Waste-to-energy facilities


Energy storage facilities

Built through collaboration.

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