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Scaling ‘Mount Regulations’: Are Cannabis Producers Facing An Uphill Battle?

In a rapidly evolving cannabis landscape, small farmers and independent producers are finding themselves caught in the crossfire of stringent regulations that, albeit necessary, overwhelmingly favor large-scale weed companies.

The crux of the issue? High-standard testing and regulations, which though vital for maintaining public safety can be a prohibitive cost for smaller operations.

Central to this debate is the question of risk.

Cases of death from mold particles in cannabis are exceedingly rare, raising the question: are we placing an unnecessary burden on small producers by applying pharmaceutical standards to cannabis?

An alternative approach could borrow from successful farm-to-table regulatory models found in the organic food industry. This framework encourages small-batch, single-source, organic cannabis, promoting both sustainability and local economies. This approach still ensures quality and safety at a fraction of the cost.

Farm-to-table regulatory models offer several benefits beyond the cannabis industry, including improved quality, transparency, support for local economies, environmental sustainability, diverse food options, waste reduction and community engagement.

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