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Rekor’s Multi-Mission AI Technology Revolutionizes Roadway Safety, Reducing Uninsured Motorist Incidents and Bias in Traffic Enforcement – Rekor Systems (NASDAQ:REKR)

Rekor Systems REKR, an innovator in roadway intelligence, is redefining transportation safety norms with a trailblazing application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Rekor is operating a transformative program, the Oklahoma Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion (UVED) Program. It employs its advanced AI to flag uninsured vehicles, dramatically reducing such incidents statewide. This innovative program has resulted in approximately 100,000 fewer uninsured vehicles on Oklahoma’s roads. However, the capabilities of Rekor’s AI technology extend far beyond identifying uninsured vehicles. It can potentially simultaneously detect vehicles with expired or unregistered tags, lapsed inspections and other vehicle-related infractions, enhancing its utility and versatility.

Non-compliance among motorists is a pervasive issue nationwide. The Insurance Information Institute highlights that nearly one in eight drivers in the U.S. is uninsured. This puts drivers at greater risk and deprives states of essential tax revenues from insurance premiums. With the advent of technology like Rekor’s AI, public safety can be improved without resorting to conventional police stops, which can lead to unintended complications. Rekor’s AI is truly ‘color blind,’ focusing solely on a vehicle’s status rather than the driver’s race, ensuring a bias-free administrative process.

Rekor’s proprietary data capture devices strategically leverage IoT nodes throughout a region, translating multitudes of data points into actionable analytics through the advanced Rekor One™ system. This system can process billions of data points from various sources, turning raw data into insightful information, leading to safer, more efficient transportation systems.

The Oklahoma UVED program’s success is evident in its recent one-year contract renewal, which generates an estimated annual revenue of $2.4 million in revenue for Rekor. Since its inception in 2018, the UVED program had already collected approximately $15 million in diversion program fees as of Q1 2021. Rekor’s technology has decreased uninsured driving incidents and eliminated potential bias in the enforcement process by focusing on the vehicle rather than the driver. This approach has led to citizens obtaining insurance and circumventing court appearances or police interactions.

The effectiveness of this technology-based, citizen-centric approach to law enforcement is validated by the endorsement of Amanda Arnall Couch, UVED Program Director, who stated, “Oklahoma’s results affirm that a solutions-based diversion program equipped with modern technology is a powerful alternative to traditional methods that rely only on law enforcement roadside interaction. UVED has undoubtedly made Oklahoma safer.”

The rise of AI technology in public safety management, specifically in traffic regulation, signals a change in how governments approach such issues. As a pioneer in AI-based roadway intelligence, Rekor Systems predicts a future where governments adopt a hands-off, automated approach to enforcing minor vehicle-related infractions. This anticipated shift aligns with the larger global trend toward digital, contactless solutions across all sectors. Rekor’s AI is ushering in a new era of non-intrusive, unbiased enforcement of minor motor vehicle infractions by providing new AI technology that focuses on vehicle status rather than driver identity.

Featured photo by Tobias Pfeifer on Unsplash.

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