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Ron DeSantis Dodges Question On Whether He Would Sign Nationwide Abortion Ban

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has refrained from committing to sign a federal six-week abortion ban, despite his pro-life stance. The Governor’s position was revealed during a recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

What Happened: DeSantis, during his interview, expressed his support for pro-life policies but remained non-committal about signing a federal six-week abortion ban, The Hill reports.

He highlighted the challenges in Congress and the potential danger if the election is lost. The Governor signed a similar six-week abortion ban in Florida in April, which will only take effect if the state’s current 15-week ban is upheld by the state Supreme Court.

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DeSantis’s comments follow a pattern of avoiding a direct answer on whether he would sign a similar ban as president at the federal level. He emphasized a “strong bottom-up approach” and working with states and localities to advance the cause of life.

Why It Matters: The Governor’s stance on the federal abortion ban is significant given his previous actions and statements. DeSantis has been a vocal pro-life advocate, and his decision to sign a six-week abortion ban in Florida was met with controversy.

His recent comments suggest a cautious approach, possibly due to the political implications and the ongoing legal challenge to the state’s current 15-week ban.

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